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My job as landscape gardener Aix-en-Provence

My job as a landscaper in Aix-en-Provence is a synthesis between the artistic and the natural. I stage your landscape garden as a moving, living painting, punctuated by the brush of knowledge of Mediterranean plants and their rich palette.

The variety of plant forms and textures contrasts with the mineral. Combined with touches of colorful flowering, renewed and year-round, they naturally become paintings in perpetual evolution.

Cédric Lacoste, a landscape gardener with a B.T.S. in Landscaping after a Master's degree in Arts and Design, lives and works in Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône). I can turn your ideas for outdoor landscaping into reality and maintain your green spaces.   See here my  professional experience  

I'm keen to put my fifteen years' experience as a landscaper in Aix-en-Provence and my dual artistic and technical skills at your service. As a bilingual single point of contact, my clients include French, English and American customers.

Would you like your garden to be long-lasting and easy to maintain? Water-efficient and respectful of living things? The experience acquired, the methods and gestures of a professional, will ensure the health and autonomy of your garden, as well as reducing your maintenance time and budget.

Your landscape gardener will advise you, design and then turn your ideas into reality for a turnkey garden that reflects your image! Let's work together to bring to life this sensitive revelation that will link your different living spaces and make your garden unique. Your free estimate.

I can work alone or as part of a team to carry out your specific maintenance, clearing, felling and, of course, landscaping projects. Landscape creations to your image


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Do you have a landscaping project in mind? Your landscaper will study all your requests and respond quickly.   Take a look at a typical example from concept to completion. landscape gardener Aix-en-Provence aix en provence

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Customer Testimonials

"Cédric has been advising me and planting my garden, building a low wall and installing automatic watering for the past 5 years. The plants are adapted to the terrain, and he provides follow-up and maintenance after planting, which is invaluable."

Nancy Abou Jaoudé, le 06 avril 2023

"Cédric Lacoste is an available landscaper and has been turning my landscaping ideas into reality since 2011. My garden has become more attractive and remains beautiful in all seasons."

Michelle Holzinger, Saint Marc Jaumegarde (13), 10 Mars 2021

"Cédric, landscape gardener Aix-en-Provence maintains and renews the garden all year round. I am very satisfied with his services."

Madame Olivier, Aix-en-Provence, 04 juin 2018


My career as a landscape gardener Aix-en-Provence

A landscape gardener Aix-en-Provence, trained in specific pruning, notably of Olive trees in Séguret (84), by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Mr. Vœux, my knowledge of the types of pruning and periods adapted to each species enables me to give special care to your plants.

Treatment and care are included in the price. They are natural and explained to you. What's more, specific preventive measures are suggested.

Respecting the integrity of your plants ensures the quality of my work, whether alone or with a partner. But my job as landscape gardener Aix-en-Provence also allows me to express my creativity, those famous moving landscape paintings.

My quest for meaning and my taste for beauty have always been the hallmarks of my professional career. After university studies (semiology, aesthetics and art history, architecture, plastic arts, painting, 2D and 3D graphics, photography), gardening seemed to me to be the obvious answer to uniting personal needs and professional orientations, but why?

My need for independence and coherence between my convictions and my professional path led me to want to cover the whole process of creating a garden.

Mastering a landscaping project from start to finish required a complete technical training in landscaping.

Better than an engineering school, possible after my Master's degree in plastic arts, I opted for a B.T.S. Aménagements Paysagers, which I completed in Carpentras-Serres (Vaucluse) at the CFPPA Provence-Ventoux.

Thanks to its reputation and network of professionals, this vocational training center has enabled me to acquire the technical skills needed to become a landscape gardener Aix-en-Provence over the past fifteen years.

Today, my satisfaction comes from regularly seeing the pleasure my French, English and American customers, among others, take in looking at their newly created or sublimated gardens.


Aix-en-Provence landscaping: technical and artistic skills, but also human skills.


Gardens are first and foremost about people, dialogue and listening. When the man and the job match up, some of the individual qualities such as empathy and altruism, for example, are well suited to the job of landscape gardener Aix-en-Provence. After all, plants connect us across borders and languages.

Over fifteen years' experience as a landscape gardener in Aix-en-Provence, managing private landscaping projects and providing annual maintenance for prestigious private gardens, has enabled me to offer you a range of solutions tailored to your projects, your needs and your dreams.

The function of the garden is changing. Is your pleasure garden becoming part of a vision that anticipates the decline in resources in order to be more economical and sustainable?

Sudjardin was already adapting to human, topographical and climatic contexts, but dwindling resources, particularly water, should encourage us to adopt a more resilient and functional approach.


Here are some of the strategies developed by your landscape gardener Aix-en-Provence:

A judicious choice of programmers and watering systems, including adjustable drippers, make it easy for the customer to adjust the watering system.

Garden design opts for young plants that are less costly, but also more likely to adapt to their new environment over the long term.

The choice of hardy, flowering and water-efficient species, combined with tried-and-tested methods of planting, including two-layer mulching, and differentiated management according to garden zone, are all strategies that enhance the health of your green spaces and further reduce the garden budget, including maintenance.

The fruit of your landscape gardener's experience, his garden creations are original and functional answers to the need for garden resilience, also understood in the economic sense.

Gardens have to adapt to reduced resources, including water, and therefore to less frequent rainfall, but also to the leaching caused by more violent rains, as well as to the high temperatures associated with less marked seasons.

Thinking ahead and anticipating these future and present problems in the various landscaping solutions we offer is not only necessary, but already profitable for our customers.

And when, after two or three years, a garden design is more autonomous and adapted, my customers tell me about this much-appreciated relationship, which breaks with their previous experience, between the savings in attention they bring to the garden and real budget savings.

And through their garden, they entrust me with a little of themselves.

So, I look forward to meeting you,

Cédric Lacoste. Your landscape gardener, Aix-en-Provence.

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